Church Banquets…

When someone invites me to do a banquet in their church, the first thing I want to know is “What kind of banquet?” There are church-wide banquets, Valentine banquets, senior adult appreciation banquets, deacons-spouse banquets, and church leadership banquets.

The format for the banquets is pretty much the same, no matter the kind of event. It looks like this:

1) As soon as people begin arriving, I’m sitting at a table sketching them. If possible, I try to draw every person in the room before they leave that night.

2) This means I’ll be drawing right on through supper. So, I try to eat a bite before the banquet or afterwards. But this is a work session for me and not a time to enjoy your great menu.

3) The program itself usually consists of three parts:

With my easel set up in front, I get a few people out of the audience and do caricatures of them. (NOTE: A caricature is an exaggerated sketch. The drawings I’ve been doing all evening of each person are definitely not caricatures, but simply “sketches.” “One minute masterpieces,” I jokingly call them.) Since a caricature is going to evoke laughter from the audience, we try to make sure to select only people with good self-esteem who will laugh along with the rest of us.

I intersperse some of my stories from a half-century of ministry in the church. The theme of the evening will determine whether these tales are related to seniors or youth or love or leadership, etc. Generally speaking, I do not tell jokes but actual stories from people I’ve known and loved.

We ease into the spiritual lessons of the evening, ending on a high inspirational note.

4) After the program ends, I’m back to sketching the people we’ve not gotten to yet.

Questions About Banquet Appearances?

1. How much do you charge?

Answer: I do not have a fee, but take (gratefully) whatever the church gives.

That said, however, I do have a thought on ths subject. Most churches have a policy of something like “We give $200 for banquets.” The thing I ask you to bear in mind is that most banquet speakers simply give a 25 minute talk, whereas I’m doing that as well as sketching everyone present.

2. So, what are you asking from the host church?

Answer: Again, I’m not asking for any specific amount. A small church may do less, a larger church more.

I suggest that those inviting me give attention to a) mileage (somewhere around 50 cents per mile), b) materials (the art pens cost $45 per dozen, and the poster pads cost $20 each), and c) whatever honorarium the church leadership thinks is fair.

Whatever it is–large or small–I will receive as from the Lord and give thanks to Him.

3. Where can we find your schedule?

Answer: Click Here for my Speaking Schedule. Find a couple of possible dates and give me a call or an email.

4. Can you do a Saturday night banquet and also preach for our church the next morning?

Answer: This is my ideal scenario. Also, when pastors invite me for revival, they frequently schedule a Saturday night banquet in order to make full use of the visiting evangelist/cartoonist. I love it.