Church Revivals…

I love revivals. Loved them when I was pastoring and love preaching them as a retiree. These days, I seem to do four or five every spring and that number each fall.

I imagine the only thing unique about my revivals is that I sketch everyone in church! For a half hour before the service and about that long afterwards, I sit on a front pew and draw church members. The pastor assigns a volunteer to stand nearby, and take the drawings to the church office and photocopy them. Then, we give the original back to the individual and post the copy on a wall somewhere. (Usually, it’s the fellowship hall or a hallway somewhere, but often they cover a wall in the sanctuary.)

By the final night of the revival, I’ve usually drawn a couple of hundred people. The church members enjoy walking around looking at them, commenting. And frequently, they bring family members and neighbors to the services, using our drawing them as extra incentive.

My revival sermons are usually a blend of evangelistic and instructive. It’s a rare church that will have more than 2 percent of the audience unchurched. So, we want to preach to both groups.

Here are answers to questions I’m frequently asked:

1) I come on a love offering basis. Ideally, the revival expenses (mileage, motel, etc) have been included in the budget.

2) I stay wherever the pastor decides. If he says, “We can put you up in a home or in a motel,” I answer: “If it were you, which would you prefer?” He knows both. Sometimes church members who host the guest preacher feel they have to entertain him, so he does not get much rest staying in a home.

3) I love to stay busy during the week. So, I encourage host pastors to see if they can schedule me to speak at schools (see the article on ‘high school assembles’), civic clubs, etc. Doing nursing homes is not as much fun, but if the host pastor feels our going there would help his ministry, I’m fine with it.

4) Encouraging and enhancing the pastor’s ministry in the church is a big thing with me.

5) Almost half the revivals I lead are preceded on Saturday day/night by some function–a banquet where I speak and draw, a community event where I draw at the church’s booth, etc. If I can arrive in time for this and it will bless the church, great.

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If you are interested in inviting me for a meeting, find a couple of different dates and let me know as soon as possible. (More and more, I am trying to space the meetings out, as they can be tiring, particularly with the travel that is often required.)