Drawing for Your Charity Event…

(*See note at the bottom of the page for non-charity events)

I love to draw for charity events — for your religious school, for your church, for medical missions fundraisers, denominational meetings, and such.

And because it’s a charity, I donate my services. (This applies the greater New Orleans area.)

If you invite me to your event, here are some thoughts to consider:

1) I need to be in a prominent place (that is, highly visible), with a small table and two chairs. If we’re going to be there several hours, one chair should be cushioned. (Those metal folding chairs can get very hard after a couple of hours.)

2) I’ll furnish the pens and paper.

3) If this is a fundraiser, you should put a volunteer with me to handle the money. All I’m going to do is draw people. The volunteer would take charge of some kind of container (a box or bucket or jar, with a sign in large letters: “Donations”) and from time to time, would take the money out and secure it.

If business is slow, the volunteer drums up business by circulating through the crowd and sends them our way.

4) If we’re outdoors, we need to be in a shaded place. (I have a skin condition for which direct sunlight for a prolonged time is not good.)

5) In some cases, the sponsoring organization prints up special paper for me to use with their logo and basic information printed around the border or across the top. If you do that, the paper should be “card stock,” which is heavy weight.

Doing that is strictly your choice, however. Otherwise, I’ll bring card stock to use.

6) Check my speaking schedule for availability and contact information.

*Drawing for non-charity events…..

A car-show was held at a local community college, and the organizers invited me to draw for whatever donations people would give me. Knowing nothing about their event, I did not know whether it would be worthwhile or not.

I asked them to guarantee $200 for the three hours of the show. They did. When the event had ended, the contributions amounted to around $300. So, we were all pleased. (I then donated the money to the tsunami victims in SE Asia.)