Grist For Your Mill

1) Saying No.

Edmund Wilson was a well-known writer and literary critic of a generation ago. When he grew tired of people constantly asking his advice or input, he composed a postcard which he mailed to everyone seeking his counsel. “Edmund Wilson regrets that it is impossible for him to: read manuscripts, write articles or books to order, write forewords or introductions, make statements for publicity purposes, do any kind of editorial work, judge literary contests, give interviews, take part in writers’ conferences, answer questionnaires, contribute to or take part in symposiums or

One thought on “Grist For Your Mill

  1. Just say no – several times in counseling, when the main problem seemed to be over-involvement, I took a business card, scrap of paper, anything – and wrote on in in big letters “NO.” I instructed them when someone asked them to do something they didn’t have time to do or want to do, just take out the card and read it to them. Surprisingly enough, several came back and said they did exactly that! (There were times I needed the card myself!)

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