It’s a God thing!!

Steve and Ann Corbin are MSC (to Southern Baptists, that means “Mission Service Corps”, self-supporting) missionaries, natives of South Carolina, working with Global Maritime Ministries in New Orleans. They are such an inspiration to us all.

This is their most recent newsletter to their friends and supporters — Joe

It’s a God thing!!

Had to tell this story. Steve and I have been praying about how to reach the port workers with the gospel. Seafarers are one thing. They generally want to come to the center and hang out and therefore we can talk with them about Christ. However, the port workers are a different story. We generally only see them when we check in at the front gate and their schedules are rarely the same each week. It may be a couple of weeks or more when you can see them again. In other words it is hard to establish any type of relationship. Our church has just started the study, “The Purpose Driven Life” and it dawned us that this would be a great tool to reach out to them. The book speaks to life isues and very plainly presents the gospel in an easy and understanding way. The guards(who we mostly come in contact with) have a lot of dead time, especially at night, when they would be more willing to read and ponder the questions at the end of the book.

Now to the good stuff!

Steve and I had been setting aside about 10% (in addition to our tithe) of what was sent to us every month so that we would be able to use it to reach out to others in a tangible way. I had specifically prayed this morning, “God, this is a step of faith and I pray that you replace the money that we are investing when the time comes that we need it most.” We went by the church to purchase the books and as I reached for my checkbook one of the ministers said that there wouldn’t be any charge. The church did not charge to use the book as an outreach tool. Why, I didn’t have to be concerned about the money being replaced, because God knew all along that it was never going to leave our checking account! Is that a confirmation of His leading or what? I absolutely love it when God does things like that!

Sometimes I just want to scream to the top of my lungs to people everywhere, JUST LET IT GO PEOPLE!!!! We need to start using the things that God allows us to enjoy, to reach out to those who are lost and on their way to hell. Gotta go. We are getting our “investment” ready to hit the docks. Can’t wait to see what happens next when its all been said and done. Pray that God would bless.