Speaking/Ministry Schedule


July 22 (Monday) drawing at an evening event for denominational leaders here in my town.

July 28 (Sunday) Agricola Baptist Church (Agricola, MS)  5 pm  Deacons/Widows Banquet. Dr. Tommy Mitchell, pastor  (Returning home on Monday)

AUGUST.  Reserving the month of August for some oral surgery.  Appreciate your prayers.  (The continuing saga of my mouth/teeth is the result of two cancer bouts–in 2004 and 2020–and the radiation’s lasting effect on the head/neck area. But it’s all a small price to pay to go on living and loving and serving God. Doing cartoons, writing blogs, hugging my wife, and bragging on my kids!)

August 25 (Sunday) West Jefferson (AL) Baptist Church.  Bo Brown, pastor

August 28 Bertha’s birthday

September 13-15 (Friday-Saturday-Sunday)  Woodmont Baptist Church, Florence, AL. Deacons retreat Friday night/Saturday morning.  Will be sketching during SS Sunday morning.  Pastor is Chad Hess.  Jim Spinks is Executive Administrator

September 19 (Thursday) Associational seniors rally.  Easthaven Baptist in Brookhaven, MS.  Phil Turner, seniors minister. Dr. Hal Kitchings, pastor

September 21 (Saturday)  Wedding in Rogersville, Alabama.  Allie Karthaus and Ashton McLemore.  FBC.  I’ll be drawing at the reception.  Allie’s Dad (Fred), pastor of FBC Rogersville, and I have been friends for several decades. Great family.

September 29 (Sunday) FBC Georgiana, AL.  Ronnie Boulware, Pastor.  Associational revival.  I’ll be drawing at various times and also preaching.  Not sure of exact schedule.

October 2 (Wednesday) 8:15 am Dr. Winford ENT

October 4-7 (Thursday through Monday) in Charlotte, NC doing ministry for Metrolina Baptist Association. Dr. Bob Lowman, missionary.

October 14-15 (Monday-Tuesday mornings 9:30 to 11:15 am) Annual senior Bible study in our church, FBC Jackson, MS.  Tom Washburn, seniors minister. Chip Stevens pastor.  Subject:  Second Timothy, Paul’s Last Will and Testament

October 20-23 (Sunday-Wednesday) Senior revival at North Greenwood (MS) Baptist Church.  Dr. Jim Phillips, pastor.  Two services Sunday morning, then morning services M-T-W.

October 31 (Thursday) I’m drawing for New Bethel Baptist’s “Trunk or Treat.”  Philadelphia, MS.  Curt Pace, pastor.  6 pm.

November 6-8 Wednesday-Friday to Clarke County, Alabama.  Thursday morning, 11:30, seniors at Thomasville Baptist Church.  That evening, 6 pm, Clarke Baptist Association.   Nancy Gill, Ministry Asst.  Mark Presswood, AMS (Wednesday and Friday are for travel, as we live in the Jackson MS area)

December 2 (Monday) Doing a banquet (deacons/widows) at Northbrook Baptist Church in Cullman, AL.  Dr. Keith Warden, pastor


January 14, 9 am.  Dermatologist apptmt.

February 11 6 pm Crossgates Baptist Church, Brandon, MS  I’m doing the valentine’s banquet for the seniors.  Will arrive by 5:30 and begin sketching.  Laurie Schuler

April 7 Monday Brookhaven (MS) ministers conference.  David Williams, AMS

April 15 (Tuesday) Drawing in New Orleans for the accounting firm of Bougeois Bennett.  At the invitation of Larry Holmes.  From 9 am to noon.

April 16 (Wednesay) 10 am Doing a C/T scan (annual cancer checkup)

Late April–no date set yet–will travel to San Angelo, TX for a gathering of ministry assistants.  Aimee McGinnis. 

May 5-7 (Monday-Wednesday) Senior revival at Northbrook Baptist in Cullman, AL  10:30 am daily.  Keith Warden, pastor

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  1. Loved the article on spiritual immaturity. I’m still growing. I found it so applicable to my church here in Hawaii and shared it with some of the leadership. We are pastorless and also divided because of the maturity levels in our church. If you’re ever in Hawaii, would love to have you come and speak – even if we’ve found a pastor. God bless you for your work reaching around the globe.

  2. Thank you, Janet. I’ve been to your state once, but it was a long long time ago (1977)—on my way back from a mission trip to Singapore. Blessings on you and your church!

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