6 thoughts on “Cartoons from Ecclesiastes

  1. I am always amaze how images help to understand…

    Enjoy all of God Blessing..(we all have them, we only need to come to the realization that we always have them to share with others) Faith Applied is Faith Invested


  2. Good Morning Bro Joe, I looked at the picture, the hands are not on the wheel. Is that it? I like your pictures. Thank you for letting us see them. Happy New Year!!

  3. Thank you Joe for these. They are always very helpful. May the Lord continue to bless and use you in His Kingdom work.

  4. Hi Joe,

    Didn’t mean to be harsh. I wish I could drive long distances. I have a new car now, so I know my car would make it. I’ve invited a friend to go with me. I’ll come if she’s able to travel with me.

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