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  1. The one on the left is Joe McKeever of Concord, NH. He’s a civil engineer and was attending a professional dinner in New Orleans a week ago. I met him at the airport (we’d connected on the internet), gave him a brief tour of the Katrina-affected parts of NEw Orleans, took him to lunch at Praline Connection, then dropped him off at his downtown hotel. Coincidentally, his parents are Joe and Margaret McKeever (my wife is Margaret). But as far as we can tell, we’re not related–except in that general way all Irishmen are related.

  2. Joe…you may be related after all. Patsy has the information on the McKeever family tree that she and Aunt Maureen worked on. There was a lady from somewhere in the north (I’m thinking maybe Maine) that contacted Patsy thru one of the family tree web sites. It seems that Patsy had a lot of the information she needed to complete some of her work on the McKeevers. If I am not mistaken, she came to one of the family reunions before Aunt Maureen moved to Florida. The lady had put her information in book form. Since I am, too, getting older I don’t remember all the details, but you could call Mom…Patsy lives with her. If you need her phone number, Patricia has it.

    Very interesting…most certainly if it turned out there is a family connection.

    God Bless


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