Your Own Personal Miracle

The phone call this week ended my five-plus years as the director of missions with the Baptist Association of Greater New Orleans. Officially retired as of April 27, the administrative committee had asked me to stay on a while in anticipation of the arrival of my successor–who is Dr. C. Duane McDaniel, presently the pastor of Hawaii Kai Baptist Church in Honolulu–as he will arrive on July 1.

The chairman said, “We’re going to cut you free as of the 31st, this Sunday.”

My mother says, “How does it feel being retired?” I said, “A lot like being unemployed.”

But thankfully the invitations to speak and teach are coming in, and it appears I’ll be staying busy.

I’ve written here that the plan is to leave untouched my Guidestone (denominational annuity agency) account for a couple of years to see if it will recover from the devastating hit the economy gave it over the last year. In the meantime, I’m taking every speaking/preaching opportunity that comes along, and–I’m so grateful!–Guidestone is doing its part.

Three weeks ago, my account grew $7,000 in one week. Two weeks ago, it grew $11,000 and last week $15,000. I feel like writing a love note to O. S. Hawkins (the president of Guidestone and an all-around good guy!). Keep it up, friend!

I’m on the road at the present, and cleaning out my office all week. Will try to blog a little in the middle of the week, but this is it for the present.

My text for tomorrow–Sunday–at Lake Ridge Baptist Church in Woodbridge, Virginia is Mark 2, the story of the four men who brought the paralytic to Jesus.

The subject is how to have a miracle of your very own. That is, how to see God at work in response to your problem, in honor of your faith, in answer to your prayer. (I don’t have to tell you too many church members never see God’s hand at work in their lives.)

That lovely little story gives us a pattern for seeing God at work in our lives:

1) Give Him your problem.

2) Show Him your faith.

3) Wait on His answer. And be prepared to be surprised.

If you will do as these four men did, and NOT tell the Lord what to do, but leave it up to Him, you may be surprised at what you get. He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think.

Have a great weekend.

8 thoughts on “Your Own Personal Miracle

  1. CONGRATULATIONS JOE! A well deserved RETIREMENT but if you are like most preachers who “RETIRE” you in for a BIG RUSH OF DUTIES, RESPONSIBILITIES, COMMITMENTS, and being used of GOD in more ways than you could possibly imagine.

    Do take time out for some FUN!


  2. Yes, Brother Joe, we have had our own personal miracle – and YOU helped it to happen. We will be eternally grateful to you, and of course to God. May your new assignments in life be wonderful and joyous, and if even a portion of the goodness you have shared with so many comes back to you, you will be richly blessed.

    Jude and Deb

  3. Dr. McKeever – I pray that your “retreadment” is both enjoyable and exhilirating! If your travels bring you anywhere near Atlanta, I hope that we can connect over coffee or a meal. May God cause your next days to become your best days…thus far!

  4. I’ve been semi-retired for five yrs now, so congratulations. You’ve pretty well got to design your own style, and it takes some reconstruction. But you have to do some of that every time you have changed churches, etc. There are two other retired preachers at FBC Ruston, and each of us does it differently. The Lord’s not through with us yet. BTW, I love preaching on those guys. They obviously weren’t Baptists. Can you imagine our deacons discussing tearing up the roof? Who would put it back? What about insurance if someone gets hurt? What if the owner sues us? If we can ever stop stuff like that, no telling what the Lord could do through us.

  5. Brother Joe,

    Congratulations on your retirement! Another exciting chapter in your life is beginning. We are writing our own chapter in Texas right now. We miss you and look forward to hearing about your next “assignment”. Let us know if you get to San Antonio in the future. We would love to see you. Take care and God bless you!

    Kent, Becky & Colin Coker

  6. Retirement, is that a biblical word? Just kiddin’! You’ll know when the work is done…thanks for helping Tammy, the boys and I to keep the faith during the past 12 months. We look forward to talking to God about you and the family everyday…


  7. Joe, thanks for all you’ve done to encourage and inspire me, other ministers, and anyone else who has ever come into your sphere of influence. Enjoy these years, and let’s both look forward to the true reward!


  8. Retirement. I did that once – no, I did that twice. Today was my final day at Daleville (IN) Community Schools. We got the yearbook put to bed yesterday, the final page was written for the webpage, and my last student hugged me goodbye.

    Some might think we are too old, but come next Monday morning I am taking a two week long course in teaching Dyslexia students. At the young and tender age of 66 (plus) I am starting a new career. Emily and I are going to stay at Cammack UMC because we are getting ready to build on and I don’t want to miss that.

    Joe, it is my prayer that your retirement is going to be as much fun as mine. God bless.

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