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THE YEAR 2015….

February 11 (Wednesday) Valentine Banquet at FBC Lumberton, MS.  Billy Ready, minister of music. Dr. John Sapp, pastor.

February 14-15 (Saturday-Sunday) With Joe Young, missionary, in the Mississippi Delta region (near Charleston, etc.)  Schedule: Friday night a Valentine Banquet at Friendship East Bapt Church in Charleston; Saturday morning 9:45, pastors meet at Mi Casa Su Casa Restaurant in Charleston; Saturday night at Calvary Chapel, Parchman; then Sunday morning 11 am at Spangle Banner Bapt Church and 4 pm West Drew BC, all of this in the Mississippi Delta.

February 22-24 (Sunday-Tuesday) Revival — Richards Baptist Church, Richards, Texas.  Dave Saffle, pastor.

March 1 (Sunday)  In the afternoon, draw at the wedding reception for Lindsey Moore, downtown New Orleans.

March 2 (Monday night) Central Baptist Church, McComb, MS. Preach/draw for their Monday night revival service.  Justin Woulard, pastor.

March 8 (Sunday morning) Preach at Centreville Baptist Church in Centreville MS where Dr Dennis Johnsey pastors.

March 15-18 (Sunday-Wednesday) Revival — Lakeside Baptist Church, Rogers, Arkansas.  Scott Hill, pastor.

March 20-21 (Friday night, Saturday til noon) Judson Baptist Retreat Center out from St Francisville, LA.  “Men’s Retreat.”

March 22 unavailable.

March 27-29 (Friday-Sunday)  Ebenezer Baptist Church, Indian Trail, NC (just below Charlotte NC)  Deacon retreat and preach Sunday morning.  Tim Rogers, pastor.

April 12 unavailable.

April 13-15   Pastors retreat in northern California for the state Baptist convention. Mike McGuffee, “Healthy Church” department for the convention.

April 17-19 Weekend in Birmingham…..

–April 17 Friday — Reunion of members of West End Baptist Church, Birmingham, held at FBC Trussville.  This is our home church, where we were married, I was baptized, called to preach, etc.  —April 18 Saturday Wedding in Birmingham. I’ll be drawing at the reception.  —April 19 Sunday morning:  preach at Central Park Baptist Church. Dr. Mel Deason, pastor.  —April 19 Sunday night – Preach at Valley Creek Baptist Church, Hueytown, AL (metro Birmingham)  Dr. Bob Weber, pastor.

April 23 (Thursday) Preach at the Mississippi conference of Free Will Baptists, meeting in Columbus, MS.  Rev. Larry Reynolds of Meridian.

April 24-25 Dedication of the Caskey Center at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. I’ll be sketching people for the open house. Dr. Mark Tolbert, director

April 26-28 (Sunday-Tuesday)  Autaugua Baptist Association, above Montgomery, AL.  Sunday morning, Billingsley Baptist Church; Sunday night Jones Baptist Church;  Monday morning 7 am Rotary Club. Then, spend the day drawing children at a school. Tuesday morning, speak/draw to the Autaugua Pastors conference.

May 2-3 (Saturday, Sunday) First Baptist Church of Albertville, Alabama. Dr. Chris Johnson, pastor. Banquet on Saturday night, preach Sunday morning, and a senior luncheon to follow.

May 7 (Thursday evening) Greenville MS. A senior adult banquet at Cornerstone Baptist Church. (We pastored in Greenville 1967-70 and love to get back from time to time.)

May 10 unavailable.

May 14-17 (Thurs-Sunday)  Senior retreat at St Simon’s Island, GA, for Hibernia Baptist Church of Fleming Island (Jacksonville) FL.  Preaching Sunday morning at the Hyde Park campus of Hibernia and that evening at Hibernia’s main campus.

May 23-24 (Sat/Sun) Banquet on Saturday night and preach Sunday morning. Bistineau Baptist Church, Heflin, Louisiana. Mike Welch, pastor.

May 31 (Sunday) preaching at Centreville Baptist Church, Centreville MS for my friend Dr. Dennis Johnsey.  (third time this year. I’ll have to find me a new sermon!)

June 14 (Sunday morning) Clough Pike Baptist Church of Cincinnati area. Josh Carter, pastor.  Possibly Saturday night ministry also.

June 15-17 the Southern Baptist Convention meets in Columbus, Ohio. (I expect to be in the area from Friday the 12th through Wednesday the 17th.  Hopefully.)

June 26 (Friday) Wedding — Laura Mulholland and Antonio Martinez.  In City Park.

July 11-12 (Saturday/Sunday) Melbourne Baptist Church, Transylvania, LA.  Banquet Sat night and preach for the Sun morning service.

September 27 – (Sunday) North Columbia Baptist Church, Columbia, MS. Dr. Joe Wiggins, pastor.  Preach at 10:30 am service and sketch people at the lunch to follow. “Healthy church conference” taking place Sunday thru Wednesday.

October 11-14 Sunday-Tuesday   Revival. Rockford, AL, Baptist Church. Jeff Fuller, pastor.

December 11,12,13 (Friday-Sunday) First Baptist, Jackson, Mississippi’s Carols by Candlelight.  I’ll be in the foyer (or somewhere) sketching people as they enter and depart, all three nights.  L. Lavon Gray, is the minister of worship. (I was on staff here for 3 wonderful years in the early 1970s, and have loved this church all these years.)

THE YEAR 2016—

January 22-24 (Friday-Sunday) Latta Baptist Church near Myrtle Beach, SC. Rob Pierce, pastor.

And that’s where we are at the moment!

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2 thoughts on “Speaking Schedule

  1. Loved the article on spiritual immaturity. I’m still growing. I found it so applicable to my church here in Hawaii and shared it with some of the leadership. We are pastorless and also divided because of the maturity levels in our church. If you’re ever in Hawaii, would love to have you come and speak – even if we’ve found a pastor. God bless you for your work reaching around the globe.

  2. Thank you, Janet. I’ve been to your state once, but it was a long long time ago (1977)—on my way back from a mission trip to Singapore. Blessings on you and your church!