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Available For: School Assemblies, Church Banquets, Deacon Retreats, Charity Events, Revivals… and more!

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Mobile: 504/615-2190.
Email: joe@joemckeever.com .

April 30 (Sunday) Preaching at Prentiss Baptist Church, Prentiss, MS.  11 am.  Filling in for Dr. David Michel.

May 6 (Saturday) Lafayette, LA.  Earth Day, being celebrated at Lafayette Middle School.  I’ll be set up at a tent to sketch people from noon to 4 pm.

May 7 (Sunday)  Raymond Road Baptist Church, Jackson, MS.  Doing a banquet immediately following morning worship.  I’ll sketch people and tell my stories.  Dr. Jerry Mixon, interim pastor

May 13 Saturday evening — Drawing for Anna West’s wedding. Mooresville, MS.  Reception at The Summit in Tupelo.

May 15 (Monday night) Central Baptist Association, Rockford, AL.  Annual banquet for pastors/deacons/spouses, held at Kellyton Baptist Church.  Wayne Henderson, DOM. 6 pm.

May 18-20 Pastors Retreat — Shocco Springs, AL. for the Tuskegee-Lee Association.  Dr. Bill King, director of missions

May 20-21 (Saturday night, Sunday morning) Grace Chapel of Eden; Pell City, Alabama.  Greg Hand, pastor.

May 27 (Saturday) Sketching at a wedding in Campbellsville, Kentucky.  Bethany Thomaston, daughter of a great pastor-friend Rusty, is marrying her prince charming.

June 2-3 (Friday/Saturday) Southern Christian Writers Conference in Tuscaloosa.  Held each year at FBC.  Dr. David and Joanne Sloan in charge.  I recommend this conference to everyone interested in writing magazine articles, books, memoirs, etc.  They bring in outstanding speakers, writers, editors.  Good opportunity for budding authors to meet publishers.  (My two conferences are: “Writing informational and inspirational blogs” and “Writing about personal experiences.”)

June 3 Saturday evening.  Draw at the wedding of Molly Rhodes. Alpharetta, GA.

June 18 Sunday– Centreville (MS) Baptist Church.

June 25 Sunday — Country Woods Baptist Church, Byram, MS.  Deacon training sessions Sunday evening 5 pm with dinner between two sessions. Jon Daniels, pastor.

July 16  (Sunday night) Drawing at a Convention meeting (Credit Union) in Biloxi.  Tom McWilliams.

July 17 (Monday) Drawing for the Baptist Children’s Home in Monroe, LA.

July 28 holding for a possible fundraiser in New Orleans, for Global Maritime Ministries.

August 18-19 Friday-Saturday, Metrolina associational deacons retreat in Charlotte NC.  Dr. Bob Lowman, director of missions.

August 20 (morning service) First Baptist Church, Inman, SC.  Dr. Paul Moore, pastor.

September 25-27 Senior adult revival. Baton Rouge Association. Dr. Tommy Middleton, DOM.

October 22 (Sunday) 5-7 pm  Broadmoor Baptist Church, Madison, MS.  Drawing for their “fun fest.”

(Future meetings of the SBC.  2018 (June 11-13) Dallas TX.  2019 (June 10-12) Birmingham, AL.  And, in 2020, (June 8-10) Orlando, FL.)

And in the year 2018….

September 8 — draw for the wedding of Whitney Lingafelter in Springfield, IL.

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2 thoughts on “Speaking Schedule

  1. Loved the article on spiritual immaturity. I’m still growing. I found it so applicable to my church here in Hawaii and shared it with some of the leadership. We are pastorless and also divided because of the maturity levels in our church. If you’re ever in Hawaii, would love to have you come and speak – even if we’ve found a pastor. God bless you for your work reaching around the globe.

  2. Thank you, Janet. I’ve been to your state once, but it was a long long time ago (1977)—on my way back from a mission trip to Singapore. Blessings on you and your church!