Speaking/Ministry Schedule


March 24-26 In Rogersville, AL for the weekend.  Saturday 2 pm The wedding of Bethany Karthaus and Colbey Cox. She’s the daughter of Dr./Mrs. Fred Karthaus; Fred is a preacher friend of many years.  I’ll be drawing at the reception.   Sunday morning, I’m preaching at Rogersville FBC.  Will be sketching people during Sunday School.

March 28  My 83rd birthday.  Oh my.

April 7 (Good Friday) First Baptist Carbon Hill, AL  3 pm service.  Scott McCullar, pastor

April 11 (Tuesday)  10:30 am  “Seniors” at Ridgecrest Baptist Church here in Ridgeland, MS.  Glynn Shows is seniors minister.

April 16 (Sunday) Teach SS.  John chapters 15 and 16.

April 18 (Tuesday) Seniors meeting at Briar Hill Baptist in Florence, MS.  I’ll be sketching everyone, beginning at 10:30 and speaking at 11 am.  Pastor is Mal Pinion, a good friend.

April 19 (Wednesday) Having another C/T Scan.  10 am.

April 23 (Sunday) from 4 to 7 pm, I’m drawing at FBC Ridgeland, MS (town where I live, just north of Jackson) for an event they’re having. Dr. Mark Byrd is pastor.

May 1-2 Bible conference at nearby Colonial Heights Baptist.  My good friend Mike Miller is speaking, so I plan to attend.  (Mike pastors Central Baptist in Jacksonville, TX)

May 6 (Saturday)  8:30 am “Iron Men Ministry” at Hattiesburg’s 38th Avenue Baptist Church.  Brother Bo Walker.

May 13 (Saturday)  Dinner with friends

May 16 (Tuesday) 10:30 am  Seniors at Meadow Grove BC, Brandon, MS.  Wylie Dilmore.   Pastor Steve Wilson.

May 27 (Saturday)  Family (Kilgore) reunion.  Nauvoo, AL.

June 10 (Saturday) Holding for a friend

June 12-14 SBC meets in New Orleans

July 5 Appointment with E-N-T.

October 7 (tentative) Deacon training in Mobile, AL

December 13 appointment with Eye Doctor

THE YEAR 2024–

January 11 (Thursday) 9 am  Dermatologist appointment

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2 thoughts on “Speaking/Ministry Schedule

  1. Loved the article on spiritual immaturity. I’m still growing. I found it so applicable to my church here in Hawaii and shared it with some of the leadership. We are pastorless and also divided because of the maturity levels in our church. If you’re ever in Hawaii, would love to have you come and speak – even if we’ve found a pastor. God bless you for your work reaching around the globe.

  2. Thank you, Janet. I’ve been to your state once, but it was a long long time ago (1977)—on my way back from a mission trip to Singapore. Blessings on you and your church!

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