Christmas Meanderings

I was just wondering this morning.

Up in Heaven, is it possible that members of the Heavenly Host are reporting to God that His numbers are down.

“Lord, it’s this Earth thing. This war with Satan has been dragging on for thousands of years now, and well, everyone is getting tired.”

“Lord, we remember that after the Savior died on Calvary, He announced, ‘Mission Accomplished.’ But it wasn’t accomplished. The enemy was still around and active. If anything, he has done more damage since you announced victory than before. Some are saying you should be embarrassed by that premature announcement.”

“This feels like another Viet Nam or Iraq, Lord. If the end is in sight, you’re the only one who can see it.”

“The Axis of Evil seems as strong as ever. The world, the flesh, and the devil are still putting up strong resistance, Lord. And the insurgency–they’re causing major havoc within the ranks of our own people.”

“Lord, some of your children are having a tough time. These ‘improvised explosive devices’ the enemy plants alongside the roads are creating a lot of suffering. Your pastors are conducting a lot of funerals, and some people are thinking this whole business is out of control.”

“And frankly, it’s not helping a lot when you tell everyone to ‘stay the course.’ They need more than that.”

“So, some of us were just thinking that maybe you could bring in a panel of experts to advise you. Who? Well, James Baker is tied up at the moment, Henry Kissinger is old, and Norman Schwartzkopf is retired. Not to name names, but Lord, you have lots of preachers and political leaders on earth who never seem to be at a loss for ideas. They seem to always know what we ought to be doing. Perhaps you could ask them.”

“An exit strategy, Lord. You need one badly. It’s obvious that Earth was the wrong war at the wrong time.”

“It’s a good thing Christmas is almost here. We need something to get our minds off this war.”

Just wondering.

–Joe McKeever,

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