Church Cartoons by Joe McKeever — CD-ROM Volume 1


Church Cartoons by Joe McKeever, Vol. 1 — on CD-ROM!

Over 200 Cartoon Illustrations for Church Bulletins, Newsletters, Presentations, and more… only $19.95!


Includes both large high-resolution images for printing, and smaller low-res versions perfect for the web or email.

Order your copy today!

Our readers know that I draw cartoons for religious papers and church bulletins. In fact, back in the 1980s, two other cartoonists and I put together 8 volumes of religious cartoons for use in the church office for newsletters and over the years sold some 300,000 copies. They are long since out of print, however. Good thing, because now putting artwork on CDs is the way to go. And that’s what we’ve done

Most church offices are now able to handle this kind of technology. (It’s a different day from when I started pastoring. Back then, high tech meant a mimeograph machine!) What I’d love for you to do is either purchase one yourself and give to the church office or print this out and hand to the person in your office who makes up the church bulletins, so he or she can order it. We’ve checked the market and believe ours to be lower priced than the others.

I’m always working at improving my cartooning, and I frequently pray that the Father will lead me in this. After all, He knows all His children and sees all our idiosyncrasies–and since He gave me this desire to draw cartoons for His people in the first place, I don’t hesitate to look to Him for creative ideas.

Any way, thanks! Hope you enjoy them!