What the cowardly pastor does

The preacher knew he should clean up his act, get right with the Lord and apologize for his past laziness and start taking his ministry seriously. Instead, he took the cheap way out.

He used his sermons to slam anyone thinking of leaving the church.

“It would be a sin against the Lord for you to leave this church at a time like this when it needs your faithfulness so much,” he said. “And I can promise you this, if you do this rebellious act, you will never find happiness in another church.”

When someone asked me what they should do–stay or leave such a church–after learning that the lay leadership had no intention of doing anything, I said, “Whenever a church decides it will accept shoddy pastoral leadership and refuses to abide by scriptural principles, unless you have strong reasons for staying, I would ask the Lord for permission to leave.”

“And,” I added, “if He does lead you to join another church, I can promise you almost anything will be an improvement over what you have there.”

As a veteran minister who believes in pastors, who supports pastors, and who counsels support and encouragement of these spiritual warriors, I admit to having no patience with lazy, carnal preachers who think the world owes them a living, think that to stand up against them is to oppose Jesus, and who threaten church members thinking of departing.

Such men are a blight on the ministry and should be dealt with post-haste.

QUESTION: Who should deal with them and how? Answer: A team of the godliest, most mature and sweetest members who have the best interests of the church at heart should go to the pastor. Their primary motivation should always be: the honor of the name of Jesus, the health and welfare of the congregation, and the ministry of their shepherd. And in that order.

CAUTION: They should do nothing abruptly. If you terminate a preacher when the church is doing well and a large segment of the congregation is not in support of the action, you will set the church back years.


1) He bullies the congregation.

2) He equates himself with the Lord.

3) He takes criticisms personally.

4) He is a loner and has no real friends in the ministry.

5) He will never take a courageous stand on anything.

6) He attacks from the safety of the pulpit but would never confront a wrongdoer in person.

7) His public prayers are occasions for expressing his anger and venom.

(this is a work in progress this Monday April 29)

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  1. I am glad to have read some of your articles, I wish we had you speak in Northern Ghana! God bless you in Jesus name!

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