My Son the Web-Master

I clipped the neatest cartoon out of our newspaper the other morning and sent it to Neil and Marty.

Two elderly ladies were sitting in rocking chairs on the porch of the old folks’ home. One says, “My son never visits my website.” The other is saying, “Mine does, but he never buys anything.”

That’s too hilarious.

Both my boys visit my website. In fact, Marty keeps it up when he’s not doing computer stuff for the Bank of America in downtown Charlotte, NC. (And no, they don’t buy anything.)

A word of explanation here. One of the things Marty did on this website (–in addition to creating it in the first place, for which I am very very grateful–was to post several hundred of my cartoons. Many were Bible study cartoons and some were general purpose, the kind you could download and run in your church bulletin. Anyway, he will be the first to say he goofed and lost them all. If you click on “cartoons” on the right side of the home page, you will see there are none available. Being illiterate about these things, I have no idea what he did and it doesn’t really matter.

But he says he’s going to post new cartoons on the site. He has to feed them into the scanner one by one–or get his 9-year-old Darilyn to do it–and that’s time-consuming, so it’ll take a while.

Just wanted you to know that’s coming.

And if you want to do something my sons do not do, you may order the CD-ROM of 200 of my cartoons through Cafepress. Marty will leave a note at the bottom telling you how. (Won’t you, son?)

Yep, sure will Pop.

Order the CD here:

Ok I goofed — but I blame the #$%^&* spammers who made me do it. (I deleted 700 of 701 users from a german open-source image-gallery program, most of whom were smut peddlers) Somehow that caused the images to appear as 404 in the gallery. They aren’t lost, but they look like they are.

I’ll be rebuilding the gallery soon, but three things you should know for now:

1. You can still browse the gallery blindly, just click the download link and “open” at the dialogue.

2. Baptist Press runs a daily cartoon by Joe Mckeever, and has over a thousand to review.

3. Over 200 keyworded and high-resolution cartoons are available for a limited time at the low low price of only $19.95. Perfect for every occasion — just click here to order But Wait! There’s more! Free bonus bible study cartoons are included on every CD! Why wait? Call now!

Have a safe trip,

Your #2 Son

4 thoughts on “My Son the Web-Master

  1. PS: I wanted to rebuild the cartoon collection sooner, but banker’s hours aren’t what they used to be, at least not for those of us in technology.

    Between the deadlines they’ve set for me this week and next, and the vacation planned for the week after, we’re looking at June…

    I wish it were otherwise, but then, it’s kinda nice knowing people want to clone you… 😉

  2. Banker’s hours and IT … now there’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one.

    As one who reads this conversation every day, I appreciate the time you devote to keeping your Dad online.

    Carolyn (in Charlotte NC at the other bank )

  3. Marty: Thank you for keeping Dad straightened out with his technology. I have a web-developer son who does the same for me. I know Joe could say what I say often, “I couldn’t do this without you!” It is a nice partnership between two very creative persons… a father and his son! What joy!

  4. From Joe (in Nashville Thursday)

    Not enough to say to create a new article on the website, but just a quick report in. Freddie Arnold came home from the hospital Wednesday. The reports were all good (see my previous remarks on ‘false alarms’), but he’s under doctor’s orders now to exercise an hour a day and eat healthy foods. Elaine said to me, “You’ll have to make him rest.” I laughed and said, “Do you know anyone who can make him quit working? I’ve never been able to.” Maybe this scare just accomplished that! He’s a great guy and we’d like to keep him around for many years to come.

    In Nashville, I’ve done my three conferences for the day, had breakfast with Art Toalston (managing editor for Baptist Press) and lunch with Laura and Chris Erlanson (she of Baptist Press and both of “No Other Name,” the outstanding Christian singing group of this city), I’ve drawn a ton of women–oops, that probably doesn’t sound right–lots and lots of lovely ladies attending this conference–and am now ready to hang it up for the day. Staying at the wonderful Union Station Hotel. Great ambience, but the trains come by my room all through the night (no joke) and no one sleeps through that. Next time, I’m taking a berth in a Pullman.


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