Scraps and observations from my clutter

The wonderful Ruth Bell Graham compiled an entire book from the notes and scraps she accumulated from her desks, table tops, old files, etc.  “Legacy of a Pack Rat” is well worth the few bucks you will pay to purchase the book used. I recommend it highly.

Now, to my clutter.

Before tossing it in the trash–the clutter on this table demands I either file it, begin strip-mining operations on it, or discard it, and the latter wins the vote–I thought someone might appreciate these.  Use if you are able.

HENRY KISSINGER once said of U. S. diplomat Richard Holbrook, “If Richard calls you and asks you for something, just say yes. If you say no, you’ll eventually get to yes, but the journey will be very painful.”

That reminds us of the foolishness of resisting the Holy Spirit. “It is hard to kick against the goads,” as the Lord told Saul of Tarsus.

NEWS: CHERNOBYL TO BECOME A RUSSIAN TOURIST ATTRACTION.  In 1986, an explosion in that nuclear plant spewed radiation over northern Europe.  “So, comrades–come right in.  Have a seat.  The tour begins momentarily. First, we’ll ask you to sign these legal forms giving up your right to sue us.”  Uh, no thanks.

People treat the scariest of things with the lightest of concern.  Some things should be feared and avoided at all costs.

DRABBLE COMIC STRIP.  Sign in the mall said, “Free Eye Exam.”  The doc says, “Your eyes are fine, Mr. Drabble. That’ll be $75.”  Drabble: “Your sign says free eye exam.”  “Yes, sir. That’s right. The other eye costs $75.”

Read the fine print.  Thankfully, there is no fine print in the Gospel. Jesus tells us from the first that following Him is going to cost.

NON-SEQUITUR COMIC STRIP.  Two old Gen X guys in rocking chairs.  “I think it’s time, Dude,” says the first.  “For what, Dude?”  “For us to start calling each other by our real names instead of Dude.”  “Yeah.”  Silence.  “Got anything yet?”  “I think one of us is named Ted.”

We forget so much as we age. But some things should never be forgotten. What are they?

A good quote for preachers: “You can do all the jobs in the church yourself, or you can make disciples.  But you cannot do both.”

It’s a wise leader who knows how to delegate responsibilities to others and help them manage to do those tasks. It’s how he grooms other leaders.

COME IN OR GO OUT.  At a religious gathering, I sat in the back with a view of the entire room.  As one speaker droned on, two men just to my left sat there whispering, disturbing those around them.  One step to the side of one was the door and it was open. They could easily have stepped outside and continued the conversation.  The question is why didn’t they?

I think I know.  They wanted to be in the room, wanted to be aware of what was going on, but wanted to do their private thing also, even though it was destructive to the group.  I’ve seen this in other settings and I imagine you have also.

People join our churches. They come. But they stay close to the exits, never venturing far inside.  They behave as though they were outside.  Displays of carnal behavior, fleshly values and worldly understanding are on exhibit.  So, why don’t they leave?  Because they want it known they are here, they are in their place, and they are faithful, in a way.  We wish they would get up and leave or come all the way inside.

THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE GOD.  “Modern Christianity has a theology of a  God without wrath who brought men without sin into a kingdom without judgement through the ministrations of a Christ without a cross.” –Richard Niebuhr

I’m not sure I want to endorse everything Dr. Niebuhr said, but this is a great quote and should be used.

A. W. TOZER:  “God has put a safety lock on His wrath, and a hair trigger on His mercy.”

Soooo thankful for His mercy. I often pray the prayer of the publican in Luke 18, “God be merciful to me ‘the’ sinner.”

JUST BEFORE HE FACED QUEEN (BLOODY) MARY, Hugh Latimer’s wife said to him, “Now dear, don’t you shilly shally.”   That reminded me of what Margaret Thatcher said to President George Bush the elder just before they launched Desert Storm. “Now, George–don’t go wobbly on us.”

Have a wonderful day serving the Lord.



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