The Churches of New Orleans — Two Years After The Fall

(Note: I wrote this report on the status of our N.O. churches at the request of the Baptist Message, our weekly newspaper for Louisiana Baptists. It will appear in the August 30 edition, one day after the second anniversary of Katrina.)

Before Katrina made landfall on Monday, August 29, 2005, the Baptist Association of Greater New Orleans (BAGNO) could count some 140 churches and missions. One month later, when we re-entered the area, we were able to identify 35 still operating. Today, two years after this life-changing event, we

5 thoughts on “The Churches of New Orleans — Two Years After The Fall

  1. Bro. Joe,

    I believe Poydras Baptist Church was assigned to the wrong category. I feel we should be in the Flourishing–but with issues category. We did not lose any key leaders, and our staff is intact. We are the first and the only Southern Baptist Church in St. Bernard Parish operating in our original sanctuary, and all our facilities have been completely restored since the storm. Sunday Morning attendance is only slightly less than it was pre-Katrina, and we are reaching new people. Also, God has blessed us in that tithes and offerings are only slightly less than pre-Katrina. I would appreciate much prayer as we enter our new phase of restructuring and reorganization of the church.

    John Galey, pastor, Poydras Baptist Church

  2. Assuming that no one knows his church like the pastor does, we’ve moved Poydras Baptist Church from the “struggling” list into the “flourishing–but with issues” list. Nothing would please us better than to do so with the entire list.

  3. Joe, I have not heard that Valence has “church” status, rather than “mission of FBC, N.O.” status. Please let me know if it is a church, and when that happened. Thanks. Hugh

  4. Joe,

    Love and prayers to you. I read your writings with much interest, and open heart, always drawn by the Holy Spirit to confession, brokenness, and saying I want the best God has for me and all I could touch for Jesus.


    MBC Yuma, AZ

  5. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for this article! I just read it on Baptist Message online and had to comment. I think that this is the first time anyone has ever called our church (FBC Avondale) ‘normal’!

    I take that as high praise!!!

    In Christ,


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