Ways You Suggested To Change Our World

Our Matter-of-Fax for December 30, 2003, was on 25 ways to change our world. At the end, we invited you to send your suggestions. Here they are.

1. Every Christian will tithe (10%) their gross income. We will then buy all the news outlets-television, newspapers, etc.-and turn them into mission voices. There would be no underfunded missionaries.

2. Reduce every TV network to a total of 30 minutes of news per day, which would cut out all opinion and glitter.

3. Write thank-you notes.

4. Don’t have a hidden agenda.

5. Dress for success; sloppiness is unacceptable.

6. Praise in public; criticize in private.

7. Choose your battles carefully. A cat can whip a skunk, but it’s not worth it.

8. Know when to press and when to back off.

9. Get your own coffee. Dial your own phone numbers.

10. In talking about your work, use “we” instead of “I.”

11. Start and end meetings on time.

12. Occasionally, read something just for fun.

13. Answer questions. Question answers.

14. Always make Jesus the hero of your story.

15. Never say ‘no’ to a gift from a child.

16. Snow falls everywhere, even in deep southern Louisiana on Christmas Eve.

17. Cell phones shock their owners who enter worship services until turned off.

18. All preachers memorize and live by Isaiah 66:2, “But to this one will I look, to him who is humble, and contrite of Spirit, and who trembles at my word.”

19. Saints to win one Super Bowl in my lifetime.

20. Whenever anyone wrongly begins a statement with “God told me