Wednesday’s Pastor’s Meeting

Dr. Joe is travelling this week, so Lynn Gehrmann has provided the minutes from today’s weekly pastor’s meeting, held at the New Orleans Chinese Baptist Church.

BAGNO held the weekly meeting with association pastors at New Orleans Chinese Baptist Church at 10:00 am. Freddie opened the meeting with some pastors sharing a blessing that happened during the past week.

Thomas Glover (New Covenant) — They closed on the Woodmere property yesterday. The fall festival on October 31st was a big success. One hundred people attended. Thirty plus prospects and seven professions of faith.

Ann Corbin (Global) — They have received a financial blessing.

Oscar Williams (Good News) — At a eulogy on October 27th, there were eleven people who gave their life to Christ.

James ‘Boogie’ Melerine (Delacroix Hope) — Last Wednesday night, October 25th, there were seven people at their prayer worship. Three of them, Catholic, had been attending worship services at Delacroix Hope. Boogie shared that some people do not like to pray out loud. He asked each person to just say one sentence and at the end of the prayer, some of them had tears in their eyes. He then asked who would be willing to give their testimony on Sunday. One of the ladies, gave her testimony on Sunday and so did her husband.

Tom Pewitt (Memorial) shared that last Thursday, October 26th, their Chairman of Deacons, Ray Gomillon, passed away. He was a Gideon and used to go the parish prison and hand out Bibles. Please keep his family in your prayers.

Mark Joslin (New Vision) — The framework of their building is up. Within the next week, they should be able to start on the walls.

Steve Gahagan (Operation NOAH Rebuild) shared that a week ago he and his wife attended the homecoming service of Port Sulphur Baptist Church. They are averaging between 30-35 people. A former member, who came to the homecoming, gave them a check for $2,100. Steve introduced David Maxwell, former pastor from West Monroe, Louisiana, who is now working with Operation NOAH Rebuild as their construction engineer. He looks forward to working and helping in any way he can. Freddie Arnold stated he participated in David