Pastor, you are in charge. So, take charge.

Now, nothing which follows should be interpreted to encourage pastors to become bullies or know-it-alls.  Scripture teaches servant-leadership, as exemplified by the Lord Jesus in John 13.  However, our burden here is those pastors who are passive and hesitant to take a strong stand with their people, church leaders, and their staff.

“Shepherd the flock of God which is among you,  serving as overseers, not by compulsion but willingly; not for dishonest gain but eagerly; not as being lords over those entrusted to you but being examples to the flock…” (I Peter 5:2-3)

You are responsible to the Lord for the flock, pastor. Numerous scriptures make that plain.

Some will not like that.

Some will accuse you of being heavy-handed.

Some in the congregation will insist that “We too are holy.” I suggest you agree with them, and then direct them to two passages of Scripture: to Numbers 12 where Aaron and Miriam tried that little ploy on Moses and to Numbers 16 where certain “men of renown” (said with all seriousness!) said the same thing to Moses. In each case, the results were disastrous.

No amount of Bible study should dissuade a God-called servant of the Lord from believing that the Lord has made pastors the “overseers” (episkopoi) of His church. See I Peter 5:2-3 and Acts 20:28 for starters.

–Therefore, let the pastor lead.

–Let the pastor take a strong leadership position with his ministerial staff. The carnal will resent it but the godly will welcome it.  (The carnal have no business in leadership anyway, so your leadership will begin the process either to call them to repent or to force them out.)

–Let the pastor take a strong leadership position with the lay leaders of the congregation.

–Let him show the Lord’s people how to lead from a servant position–“not lording it over them” (I Peter 5:3), but “being examples to the flock.”

The pastor must not fear the consequences or how people will react to his leadership.

He must not fear to lead, to make decisions.

He must not fear to stand out in front.  Leaders who stand in front will become targets for the rabble, but that’s a small price to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in the greatest work on the planet.

He must not fear a strong ministerial staff.  Let him appreciate them and support them as they do their work, but he must make plain to them that he is in charge of them also. They are answerable to the pastor.  Anything less than this–leaving each minister as a law unto himself–violates his calling, dishonors his Lord, fails the church, and sets the staff up for trouble.

The pastor must not fear strong personalities within the congregation.

The pastor is responsible.

The pastor is charged.

The pastor is accountable.

Hebrews 13:17 says pastors will stand before the Lord and give account for the souls of their flock.  If ministers reading that scripture find it frightening, they should.  It is a fearsome thing to fall into the hands of the living God (Hebrews 10:31).

Only the rebellious and unfaithful fear falling into God’s hands.  The simple fact is we live “in those hands” and have our very being there.  Surely, we decided years ago we can trust Him and so rest securely there for now, and for ever.

So, let us be faithful. And let us faithfully discharge the duties He has given us and live up to the calling with which we are called.

6 thoughts on “Pastor, you are in charge. So, take charge.

  1. I admire your efforts to empower pastors during this dark chapter of church history in the United States, but patting leaders backs while their flocks dwindle and wander aimlessly is hard for me to not interpret as being complacent in the face of dark realities. Who is going to take responsibility for the weaknesses of the church if not pastors? I also think that placing pastors in charge may be undermining Christ’s place at the head of his body. Pastors are really temporary stewards of a small part of something only God himself can lead and control.

  2. Just a kind thought on the above post. I’m not sure I understand your total point but I’d like to comment on the ending. You close your comment with “Pastors are really temporary stewards of a small part of something only God himself can lead and control.”

    A earthly parable if you will allow me to do so….

    If I owned a 1,000 sheep and I hired a shepherd and he couldn’t manage the herd, and he came to me and said “I’m only a temporary steward of a small part of something only you yourself can lead or control,” – I’d fire him and hire a new shepherd that knew how to manage, feed, safegard, and multiply my flock.

    Perhaps I don’t understand the comment as it was posted, but I think pastors, deacons, and other leaders will be held accountable for not taking a stand.

    My father was a military man. As a child he would place me in charge of various projects. I still hear his voice. “Son, when in command; command” – – I think that’s what I read from the article. “Pastors, you’re in command; command”

    G’day from Texas

  3. Tom, I think your father’s wise words sum it up. With your permission, I plan to quote your quote. As a teacher, I have students who need to hear this. As a pastor’s wife, I need to hear this myself. Thanks for the input.

    • Tina please feel free. My dad’s point was simple. He served in Korea and didn’t talk about it much. He did explain one day that in war if those in command don’t command people die. There’s a strong parallel for the church. If those in leadership don’t lead people die. Many weak churches are perhaps the result of weak leadership. I teach children’s church. As a reminder to myself the tremendous responsibility I have I refer to Matthew 18 1-10. I dwell often on Matthew 18:10 – it’s a constant reminder I’m being watched. I enjoy teaching children to learn the Bible and every week we pray for our families and friends. Talk about leadership responsibilities; teaching children to hide His Word in their hearts….. No greater privilege, no greater responsibility. It brings my heart joy you found something useful in my humble post. God Bless and keep you ma’am.

  4. I’m just now finishing 42 years of pastoring and I would re-affirm the truth that “pastors must lead”!! Our country suffers in many areas due to a lack of responsible leadership. People want to be led by godly, wise and humble pastors who are willing to take charge, make decisions and move ahead.

    • As a young pastor , I find you post very helpful and on point , especially in a congregation that 60% of the members are Older than I am and will use that as an advantage to have things their way.
      I am reminded to stand on God’s words and lead as I’m called.
      Thanks again ….my passion is renewed

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