Twenty questions for ministers only. (Copy and answer).

Have you ever been cussed out?  Ever been a hypocrite?  Ever had to go for marriage counseling?

Come on, ‘fess up!

Here are twenty questions for you to answer, then share with your world.   Don’t fret over it; just have fun with it.

You have my answers to the right.  Copy the page and post on Facebook, your own blog or email, then delete my responses and post your own.

  1. Are you a preacher?  Very much so.  Since 1961.
  2. Have you ever doubted your salvation?  Sure. (But have never doubted my call. Go figure.)
  3. How old were you when you preached your first sermon?  I was 20, but wasn’t called into the ministry until the next year. (It was “Youth Week” at our church and they elected me the pastor.)
  4. Have you and your spouse ever had marital counseling?  Yes, twice. The second time for a full year.  It saved our marriage.
  5. Preachers, what is your first sensation when someone tells you a search committee is visiting today? Personally, I always loved it.  You never know…
  6. Have you ever been cussed out?  I have.
  7. Have you ever been fired?  I’ve not, but was definitely encouraged to leave by some powerful leaders who had their own ideas on how things should be done.  Exited on my own terms.
  8. Weddings or funerals? I prefer funerals because they require no rehearsals and there is no “show” element involved.  Just go, do your thing, and go home.
  9. Ever sing a solo in church?  Yeah, but it wasn’t anything to brag about. Prefer singing in a quartet.
  10. Southern gospel or Bach?  Some of both, but a lot of neither.
  11. Walking or jogging?  I quit jogging after an injury and discovered walking is easier, better, and safer.  You can think, pray, and go over sermons while walking, but not jogging.
  12. Have a favorite place to pray? I don’t.  I try to “pray without ceasing,” which makes wherever I am a prayer place.
  13. Have you ever preached/taught something you were not practicing?  Spurgeon said we should not limit our preaching to the portion which we are living up to.  So, the answer is ‘yes.’ The danger, of course, is hypocrisy.
  14. Potluck supper at church or dinner in a restaurant?  Always, potluck.  Church women can outcook any chef in town.
  15. Are you considered more of a pastor or a preacher?  Depends on who you ask.  But I’ve never considered it a compliment if someone said I was one over the other.  We’re called/sent to do both.
  16. Rather hear a good sermon or preach it?  Always, prefer to be the one preaching.
  17. Least favorite subject to preach?  Prophecy.  Most of the interpretations of prophecies people have had over the centuries proved to be false. It’s so easy to be dead sure but dead wrong.
  18. Most favorite subject to preach? The gospel.  Prayer.  The Bible. Faith.  The life of Jesus. The cross.  Salvation.
  19. Favorite writer/author on the Christian faith? Elisabeth Elliot.  She’s right up there with C. S. Lewis and a few others.
  20. Favorite part of pastoring? I always loved sitting around with the church staff fellowshipping and planning events.  The give and take, the fun, the encouragement–all were so unforgettable.  I was always blessed with great staffs.

It’s a fun thing to do, ministers.  Give it a try.


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