About that blind fellow Jesus healed. (John 9)

Jesus said, “If you were blind, you would have no sin. But because you say you see, your sin remains.”  And the Pharisees said, “Huh?”  (John 9:41. Sort of.)

My pastor preached on the Lord’s healing of “the man born blind” from John 9 yesterday.  Pastor Chip Stevens did his usual superior job with it.  He spoke of how Jesus saw people whom others overlooked, saw circumstances in a different way, and saw his purpose clearly. And, the people standing around that day were blessed to see the work of God right before their eyes.

I did what I always do when listening to a good sermon: I opened my notebook and let my mind roam far afield.  I’m like the hunting dog who never stays close to his master when he’s turned loose, but is always on the prowl.  That’s me.  I listened and thought and jotted down things.

I find myself wondering about that fellow, the one formerly blind….

–I wonder how he felt being the object lesson of the disciples’ theological discussion?  (9:1-2). They talked about him as though he were not there.  Ask any blind person. They know that feeling.

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