On entering the ministry, bring with you a good sense of humor

My favorite art store often brings in master teachers for classes on various kinds of art.  In two weeks, they have an amazing water color artist doing a conference lasting several days and costing nearly $500.  On the website the artist lists materials registrants should bring with them.  It will not surprise one to learn the materials are specific, numerous, and somewhat expensive.  But the last item in “things to bring with you” was this:

A good sense of humor.

That’s a dead giveaway that the artist will be fun and the class enjoyable.

But it started me thinking….

What if churches added that little note  as a scroll across the bottom of their websites.  “Bring a good sense of humor.”

Doing so would send a message about that church, wouldn’t it?

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Have you ever been arrested? Did anyone pray for you?

From my journal of January 13, 1998.

This was my morning radio program (“Phone Call from the Pastor,” Lifesongs 89.1 FM.  New Orleans)….

Have you ever been arrested? Imagine the devastating impact on your family.

Last night the evening news showed the arrest of a fellow on the Northshore for the murder of a convenience store clerk several years ago.  He was in handcuffs and being escorted into jail by a couple of sheriff’s deputies.

As he walked past the camera, he stared into it and said, “Pray for me.  And pray for my family.”  I confess to being shocked. I mean, he was a fairly rough-looking man–the word ‘burly’ comes to mind–and I was expecting him to say anything but that.  And it touched my heart.

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Things the pastor needs to know

“…the Holy Spirit has made you the overseer….” (Acts 20:28)

To be an overseer, one has to know what’s going on.

Someone is angry at the pastor? He needs to know. Perhaps he is at fault and can do something to remedy the situation.

Some leaders have had a falling out with each other?  The pastor needs to know since this affects the church.

The assistant pastor took a group on a mission trip and charged each member $500 for expenses.  The pastor needs to see an accounting of income and outgo, or to know that the appropriate people in the church were on top of this.  No staffer should ever handle money themselves.

The youth minister gathered the students in the auditorium and showed them a movie with questionable content.  He/she should have informed his/her supervisor–and in a small church that’s always the pastor–in advance and let him make the call.  This protects everyone, but most of all the young people.

The class has invited in a prophecy expert–you will pardon the expression–to speak on the rapture or the antichrist or such.  The pastor should know in advance and approve the decision.  Otherwise, it should not be done.  No group in the church exists unto itself.

The pastor needs to know.

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